Wyoming’s healthcare system could go bankrupt by 2026


Unless major action is taken, Campbell County Health, based in Gillette, Wyo, could be insolvent by 2026. Wyoming Public Radio announced April 4.

The system’s financial problems have existed for several years and have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced a reallocation of staff and resources, cut some profitable services and canceled elective surgeries, said Adrian Gerrits, council chairman. of directors, at the station.

“We got a lot of COVID relief funds in 2020 that made our 2020 not horrible,” Gerrits said. “Really, I would say the worst part of the pandemic was last fall, towards the end of 2021. … We were hit really hard and the COVID relief funds, the big cash infusion boluses that we had received the previous year were really not there.”

Patients are also getting sicker and staying longer, and the surgery department has faced more competition from surgery centers, he said.

Trustees are working to avoid bankruptcy, including creating a medical records system to increase billing efficiency, which will be ready next year, according to the report. Administrators also closed the Close to Home Hospice, which had high operating and maintenance costs.

In addition, the system seeks to receive subsidies to compensate for financial difficulties.


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