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Another week of football has arrived as the NFL kicks off Week 4 and college football begins Week 5 of their respective seasons, and WynnBet has perhaps the best obvious promo before the action with a sure-fire winner. . There are tons of ways to win and bet this weekend, and the best news is that no WynnBet promo code is required to bet $ 1, win $ 100 on soccer!

WynnBet offers a 100-1 odds bonus if one of the teams scores a touchdown to new users who sign up for sports betting, make an initial deposit of $ 20 + and bet $ 1 + on the money line, the spread or total of any college football or NFL game. This weekend. This bonus will be paid as long as a hit is scored by either team in the selected game, regardless of the outcome of the game with no WynnBet promotional code required.

The fact that this bet will pay off regardless of the outcome of the game is what makes WynnBet’s 100-1 hit bonus promotion so intriguing.

New users located in Colorado, Arizona, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan, and Tennessee are all eligible for this fantastic new user promotion.

Click on the status link above or below that corresponds to the state you plan to place your bet in to get a 100-1 TD bonus from WynnBet.

WynnBet offers 100-1 odds on any NFL week or college football game this weekend

This 100-1 odds TD bonus promotion on either team to score a touchdown in the NFL or college football game of your choice this weekend is one of the best obvious bets to come out so far. ‘now this football season.

Whether you go the college route, where you could easily go with Ole Miss or Pittsburgh, both averaging 52.5 points per game, or the NFL route with the Buffalo Bills, who are favored 16.5 points, the options for turning a $ 1 bet into a $ 100 hit bonus are plentiful.

Unrivaled Value of 100-1 TD Bonus Odds

Legal online sports betting will occasionally offer enticing promotions that will increase the odds a bit depending on the outcome of a match. WynnBet increases the bet by offering odds of 100-1 if either team scores a touchdown in the college or NFL game at the bettor’s choice.

The best part about this new user promotion is that WynnBet will pay the bonus regardless of which team scores the touchdown, while also paying regardless of which team wins the match. This allows users to place a $ 1 bet on any varsity or NFL team playing this weekend to score a touchdown without having to worry about the spread or who ultimately wins the contest.

No WynnBet promo code required for 100-1 TD bonus

Getting into the action with this 100-1 touchdown bonus is simple. Potential bettors simply need to register for a sports betting account, make a first deposit of at least $ 20 and place a bet of $ 1 on the money line of any college football team or the NFL, spread or direct over / under bet with no WynnBet promo code required.

  • Click on the state link in the list above or below that corresponds to the state from which you plan to place your legal online sports bet.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Make an initial deposit of at least $ 20.
  • Get access to the college or NFL game that takes place that weekend of your choice.
  • Place a $ 1 cash line, spread, or direct on / under bet.

If a touchdown is scored by either team in your selected game, you will earn a $ 100 bonus from WynnBet.

Get a 100-1 TD bonus from WynnBet when you click on the status link above or below that corresponds to the state in which you plan to place your bet.


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