Will Ohio State football play in front of fans in 2021?


The Ohio State football team didn’t play in front of an audience until the Sugar Bowl in 2020. Will that change in 2021?

The Ohio State football team has one of the country’s best assets on the field. The Ohio stadium could hold nearly 110,000 people. Even now with a capacity of around 103,000, the fans are still loud enough to give the Buckeyes a huge advantage.

2020 hasn’t allowed the state of Ohio to have its fans a factor because of the pandemic. COVID has ruined every chance of this for any Big Ten team. The team had to bring their own juice for each game. They were able to do it, but they weren’t as dominant as they could have been.

Next year will be a new season. Ohio will hopefully get the majority of its population vaccinated, which should get fans in the shoe. The question is whether the rest of the United States will vaccinate the majority of the population so that fans can congregate normally.

If I had to guess right away, I would say Ohio State will have fans in the stands for their games in 2021. I even think the Shoe will be at full capacity. Even if it isn’t, there should be at least 50% capacity. There are still a lot of fans.

That number of fans would always make the difference against a top team. Ohio State thrives on the energy fans provide them with every game. It was hard to see them playing in empty stadiums all year round and not having that source of energy that they dream of.

If the Big Ten allows fans in the Shoe next season, I’ll definitely be there for a few games. And you? Would you go to games next season if you were allowed to?


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