Will Alabama football play as a championship team against Miami in its opener?


Bryce Young has been a starting quarterback for 20 months, but if his podium preparation on Monday was any indication, he’s ready.

When asked if he would like Alabama football to receive if he wins the draw against Miami on Saturday, eliminating a few extra minutes of nervousness, Young smiled and gave the company’s response.

“You’re asking the wrong person,” he said. “It’s definitely a question from Coach Saban.”

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The questions that sympathetic young people, even the lightest ones, aren’t what matters, however. The real questions will come on Saturday night. Some of these will also be “Coach Saban’s questions”. When Alabama left the field in Miami last January, national title in hand, the offense was a roaring Ferrari, but not the one you park in the garage and relaunch in September. Too many pieces are missing.

“I think the realistic approach is that we have a lot of new players up front,” said Saban. “It’s a work in progress to get all of these players to develop to be productive and cohesive artists. We are working hard on this. The coaches are doing a good job.

“We have new faces and a lot of positions, which creates a lot of opportunities for people. How they handle it in the game, how they can bring it to the game, how they prepare for the game, that’s all brand-name questions that get answered when you play a game. Wherever we are, we’re going to continue to work on and develop it. I trust the players that we have. We just have, you know, players who do as much experience as a year ago.

“So we’re going to see how that manifests itself in positive performance on a consistent basis and how can they handle playing one game at a time and how can they stay focused on execution and work, and I think that’s it. will go a long way in saying … how productive we are … as an attacking team. “

No one can be blamed for having high expectations for the nation’s No.1 preseason squad. In fact, that’s sort of the working definition of “high expectations.” But this is not an IMG Prep vs. Bishop Sycamore fiasco. Miami enters the season No. 15, and it’s about as good as you might expect when it premiered a few years ago.

Young people will be encouraged to play games. The offensive line listed on the depths chart is “good to go,” Saban said, but it still contains names that only a deep dive into the Alabama roster would have given a few weeks ago.

Bryce Young walks past Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban during the University of Alabama A-Day game at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

How will these young players fare? Even Saban doesn’t think it’s a “Saban coach issue”.

“I don’t have the answers to these questions,” Saban said. “You cannot understand all of these things in practice. I don’t know how the offensive line is going to behave, I don’t know how the run defense will behave, I don’t know how a new player playing wide catcher or cornerback is going to behave. But this is their opportunity.

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