What’s up with CJ Stroud’s run, Ohio State’s football play call, and Noah Ruggles’ kicking routine? Buckeye bit


Columbus, Ohio – Noah roars has sort of become the most important player for an Ohio State football team that has forgotten how to score touchdowns. He has a new routine to thank for it.

He’s in his first season as Buckeye after spending the past three years in North Carolina. But he only spent one of those seasons as a primary kicker. He was 19 out of 27 in 2019 which is a decent number but doesn’t guarantee your job is safe in the long run, especially when none of those kicks go over 49 yards.

But Ruggles said his lack of accuracy at distance is less a result of his skills and more of being an overworked athlete who usually plays tired on Saturdays. This is why he saw an increase in his production during his summer training sessions while awaiting the transfer.

In North Carolina, he was kicking every day in training. He reduced that to three times a week during the offseason. Then it came to Columbus, where the coaching staff cut that down further.

“It’s a lot more relaxing on the days when I’m not kicking, I’m just taking a mental break,” Ruggles said. “Then on the days when I kick, I just have to go out there and play. I’ve always found that I do a lot better at prom because you train on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. It’s three times a week with limited reps. I was more precise in the spring ball than I was during the North Carolina season.

Special team players have their own schedule during the week. Ohio State practices typically begin with a period of punt and kick return, but other than that, Ruggles, punter Jesse Mirco and the rest of the group is going to do something else. For Ruggles, that means spending two days honing his skills. The other days, he helps Mirco polish his.

The lighter workload allowed her to focus more on recovery. This season, he has 19 of 19 goals, with eight wins over Penn State and Nebraska. As the Buckeyes struggle to finish practice in the end zone, he turned to his kicker, who responded every time. He’s the reason the Buckeyes’ playoff hopes are still alive.

“This is how you stay cool,” Ruggles said. “This is how you don’t start to think too much. By kicking it every day, if you miss one, you’re going to try to fix it over and over again. But if you take a day off (and) deal with it all, it helps.

Ruggles was the latest OSU transfer discovery. But unlike Justin Fields, Jonah Jackson, and Trey Sermon, he probably didn’t expect to be so confident in himself.

That’s good for now, but eventually the Buckeyes will have to start scoring touchdowns again.

What else have we learned?

Ryan day and Kevin wilson need their offensive line to play better. Neither sees a problem with the call to play over the past two games, but they admit there have been some execution issues. A combination of immediate penalties and the inability to win matches in blocking patterns delayed running play and weakened passing play. Too many times, calls in fourth place have resulted in CJ Stroud jamming with little success.

“The other day we had one that we thought was going to be pretty good, but the protection is breaking down,” Wilson said. “Now everyone thinks it’s a greedy and poor call. (We) didn’t do it well. The way we play can be better sometimes with what we’re trying to develop, yes. Our execution is a bit of everything.

“That’s why as well as we played – we played well enough to keep winning – we got a little behind, and it’s a combination of all of those things. “

Day is not looking for a quarterback. It is no longer a requirement to play at Ohio State. Gone are the days of QB power over the third and one. Will there be tracks designed every now and then like the options games we saw against Nebraska? Yes. But they won’t be a staple.

they were not with Dwayne Haskins, and even with how much Justin Champs ran, they weren’t with him either. Most of his carries came on scrambling. Even that was something Day had to get used to.

Stroud having just five yards on 21 carries – 14 when you take out the sacks – isn’t the result of a player lacking the capacity to do something. It’s just a change in the philosophy of the quarterback from what existed under Urban Meyer.

“Guys have raced here before, and when it’s appropriate we do,” Day said. “But it’s also clear that we don’t run it as much as some of the other places. And I tell people that by recruiting we’re not going to come here and crush you and hurt you.

“It’s a long season. And we have some very good offensive players. So when the time is right, and we have to do it, we have to do it. But at the same time putting our guys in jeopardy for a long season is not something we are doing here. I strongly believe in it. The quarterback position is a very important position. There are times when you have to do it, and we have to. “

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