Welsh football stars show off their new locks after getting a haircut from a Swansea barber


They will carry the hopes and dreams of a nation on their shoulders tonight as they take on Austria in a World Cup qualifier. The Wales national football team are hoping to overcome the Cardiff City Stadium hurdle before taking on Scotland or Ukraine for a place in the world’s most prestigious football competition in Qatar.

So, with the pressure and anticipation well and truly building, a Swansea barber has played his part in helping players look at least a cut above the rest. Imad Khalid, CEO of popular Swansea-based hairdressers, Trimology, visited the team in his mobile hairdressing van to cut their hair and make sure it was prepped and looking good before the game.

It comes as star Gareth Bale says he’s ready to give his all for his country just days after missing out on Real Madrid to Barcelona. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

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Ben Davis

Mr. Khalid and Connor Roberts

Mr Khalid, from Brynhyfryd in Swansea, explained: “It all started with Swansea footballers during lockdown. When I got my van it was more convenient for them to get their hair cut in the environment the as safe as possible. The restrictions were still there and they were limited where they could go and what they could do, especially within the camp. It made perfect sense for them to choose me to be their barber. from Swansea Football to the Welsh Rugby Team and the Welsh Football Team.

“For them now it’s a date because they feel comfortable with me. Yesterday and the day before yesterday I met the Wales team at the Vale so they could have the ‘fresh air for their game tonight. They’re very confident – they have this “They all had positive energy and I would say they’re really ready. Most of the boys are fine, especially Bale – he’s uninjured, thank goodness! It’s a great game for them and I think all the guys will do an amazing job today.

“It’s the least I can do by giving them a haircut, but it’s an honor to be with them, I feel very privileged to have them and to be a part of them. What they do is nothing compared to what I do for them but every little bit counts.”

Mr Khalid described them as “amazing boys, very talkative and polite”. He added: “I know most of the Swansea academy boys – Connor Roberts – he’s a Swansea boy and a hell of a lad, we have jokes all the time, every time he gets cut the hair.

“Bale is a funny character in a good way. Really, really talkative. We just talk about life – he’s a normal guy to be honest, just like us. I cut his beard, back and sides, and I cut a bit of her ponytail, made it a little shorter. Everyone asked for the usual to be honest, I met a few new guys too.

“For me, I’ve been doing this for almost 17 years, so it’s a breeze for me, whatever hairstyle they need, I can meet their expectations. I’m very, very happy to be a part of it. I will definitely be watching the game tonight. All we need is victory – either way, I support them wholeheartedly.” You can get more football news and other story updates by subscribing to our newsletters here.

Daniel James in the barber chair

Mr. Khalid pictured with Harry Wilson

Mr. Khalid said buying the van was one of the best business decisions he had ever made. The 30-year-old said: “I always wanted to do this as a business, but when the lockdown happened it made perfect sense. I already had those kind of customers, football players and rugby – and it’s a perfect way to minimize socializing for them as much as possible. I’m probably the safest barber out there!

“It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business career. It’s given our business a lot of recognition. We’re growing, we’ve just launched our 11th store in Port Talbot and the brand is growing more faster than ever.We are looking to expand into England and hopefully grow the Welsh brand.

Kick-off at Cardiff City Stadium is at 7:45 p.m. It will air on S4C and Sky Sports Main Event. The World Cup play-off final takes place in June.


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