Watch: College Game Produces The Craziest American Football Game You’ve Ever Seen


While many people are put off by the stop-start nature of American football, there are few other sports that can match it in terms of cohesive late-night drama.

Matches often boil down to the last few games, with the attack-to-defense setup ensuring maximum amount of theater. There are countless examples of this over the years, but a college game yesterday had one of the craziest endings we’ve ever seen.

This happened during Ball State’s meeting with Western Michigan, the latter of those teams entering the last game of the game three points behind.

In order to keep the ball alive, they would have to throw it like something you would see in a rugby sevens match. 16 assists followed, two fumbles, a team rushing onto the pitch , a touchdown and the whole thing was finally excluded.

Sit back and enjoy this one.

Incredible. Unfortunately for West Michigan, the touchdown would be ruled out due to an illegal forward pass in play.

In American football, teams are only allowed to throw the ball forward once during each pass of play, which explains all back passes.


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