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ST. GEORGE- When bragging rights are at stake, you need to get a ringtone.

MVP Beckam Nielsen shoots a touchdown pass during the Mayor’s Cup City Flag Football Game, St. George, Utah, July 23, 2022 | Photo by E. George Goold, St. George News

At Saturday night’s annual Mayor’s Cup municipal flag football game at Pine View High School, it was hard to say who would emerge victorious.

The friendly game featured government officials and local superstars from St. George and Washington City.

On the St. George sideline, led by veteran coach and mayor Michele Randall, you had the likes of former Dixie State standout baseball player Trey Kamachi, current Trailblazers basketball star Frank Staine and professional football player Abbey Rustand.

On the Washington City sideline, rookie coach and mayor Kress Staheli named Utah Tech football head coach Paul Peterson as quarterback.

After the dust settled in Washington City’s 42-28 win, it was a 10-year-old from Horizon Elementary School who took home MVP honors.

“I just wanted to show off my skills,” Beckam Nielsen told St. George News after picking up two touchdown passes from Peterson in the first half and putting in a really nice catch-and-run in the third quarter.

Nielsen had plenty of supporters on the Washington City sideline, including current Utah Tech defensive back Darrius Nash.

“He’s a stallion,” Nash said. Nash added that he became something of a mentor to young Nielsen after working with him and seeing him at all the football events.

St. George Mayor Michele Randall cheers for her team during the Mayor’s Cut City Flag Football Game, St. George, Utah, July 23, 2022 | Photo by E. George Goold, St. George News

In the end, both parties just wanted to have fun and share some municipal camaraderie.

Police and firefighters from both city staffs participated, and a handful of them made big plays in the game.

The Mayor’s Cup is an ongoing tradition of bragging rights and establishing friendship between the two cities.

“The game plan is to score more points than St. George,” Staheli said during a first-half sideline break. “Arrange my office to make the trophy the focal point. And really just to support this community!

Staheli did not back down from the stakes.

“Well, most of the time I’ll just talk about trash,” the mayor said.

Mayor Randall, who was no stranger to Mayor’s Cup competition, wasn’t backing down between halves either.

“Our game plan is to win,” she said. “That big old trophy is going back to City Hall.”

Randal liked his team composition.

“We actually had a practice,” she said. “We have a lot of officers and community members and UTU players. We have a good team. It’s all in the fun.

But at the end. the trophy went to Washington City.

Staheli was delighted. “That’s absolute 365 days of bragging rights.”

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