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The system will now be used by the national football association after proving its success in previous tournaments.

All competitions under the Qatar Football Association (QFA) will now use Video Assistant Referee (VAR) after FIFA gave the official green light to the federation.

A three-season trial of the technology in Qatar was deemed a success, empowering the QFA to continue using it to improve the game and ensure fair play in all of its matches.

The new announcement comes as Qatar prepares to host the world’s biggest football tournament next November, which will also see the use of VAR to ensure accuracy.

What is “VAR”?

VAR is used to help the referee review and finalize controversial or vague decisions on the pitch, including infringements that warrant disallowing or awarding goals.

This strengthens the decision-making process, supports the referees in their work on the field and eliminates clear and obvious refereeing errors.

However, the system is only used for “clear and obvious errors” or “serious missed incidents” in four match-changing situations, including goals, penalty decisions, direct incidents with red cards and mistaken identity.

Top European football league competitions have already introduced the VAR system to provide more accurate decisions in terms of ‘uncertain’ goals and cards. One of the biggest leagues, La Liga, introduced the system at the start of the 2018-19 season.

VAR has been extended to the 2021/22 UEFA competition calendar and will also be used in the third UEFA Nations League season in 2022-23, as well as in the UEFA EURO play-offs and European qualifiers 2024.

Similarly, FIFA included the VAR system in the 2018/2019 edition of the Laws of the Game to help referees in their decision-making. He also introduced the FIFA Quality Program for VAR technology.

However, despite the deployment of modern technology to the beautiful game, football fans and enthusiasts, including footballers, remain pessimistic.

Reports alleged that, according to the Premier League, a full VAR review took an average of 50 seconds during the 2019/2020 season and that VAR checks delayed matches by an average of 22 seconds. Although lost time is attributed to extra time or stoppage time, the tool still results in “many breaks” in a football competition.

Another reason for the controversy behind VAR is its lack of human perception.

“For example, in a situation with Arsenal player Bukayo Saka against Fulham FC, VAR showed Saka to be offside, preventing a crucial winning goal from being scored simply because his toe was offside. above the offside line. Although the right decision has been made, this situation shows how VAR and referees sometimes analyze plays to the limits and disregard human errors which do not even affect the game “said a report.


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