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We can all blame Doreen, Jill Scott’s mother, for the feverish dream that ensued.

“So after the GB team had to watch the end of the USA game to find out that CAN vs JPN was following – no housework is done for the next two weeks!” she tweeted on Wednesday, capturing not only the absurdity of the overlapping women’s Olympic football calendar, but the nature of the Five Ring fever for those who find themselves there every four (or five) years.

My own Olympic fever happened much later this year. I was among those who, given what is going on in the world right now, were skeptical about all of this. Reading Tom Daley’s gold medal in 10-meter synchronized platform diving with Matty Lee, 13 since his first Games at 14 in Beijing, changed me and now I’m back to type.

There were six Olympic women’s football games on Tuesday. Four took place at the same time. Why not, well, try to watch them all at once then?

9am (every hour BST): US vs. Australia, New Zealand vs. Sweden. 12 noon: Canada vs Great Britain, Chile vs Japan. 12:30 p.m .: Netherlands vs China, Brazil vs Zambia. Easy, right?

Initially, I thought this might be a fun way to satirize the calendar and kind of get to the heart of what it means to watch the Olympics. It would be good. Then everything got a bit chaotic.

I would therefore like to present the following as an important type of behavioral science study. This is what happens when you give someone who has decimated their attention span through social media the chance to watch all the Olympics while they also have all the internet content to distract them at the same time. time.

9:03 am.


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