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The Burroughs Freshmen/Sophomore football team played their first scrimmage of the season on Friday night. The Freshmen/Sophomore Burros staged an intersquad scrimmage in front of a small crowd of fans who came to watch. Head Coach Brandon Ihle and his coaching staff used the scrum to play a mock game, with both teams playing on both sides of the ball. Fans were treated to a spectacle watching two touchdowns, a few interceptions and a display of talent on the team.

“I think they both performed really well. It was a mix where we sat down and picked teams like the old school play ball, and tried to make the teams as equal as possible. “Ihle said of his team’s performance. “So it wasn’t super lopsided and it gave us some interesting looks. I think both teams performed really well. We had a few touchdowns on one side, the other shut out the other side. “

Both the green and white teams’ offense showed the versatility of having players who could run the ball, receivers who could catch the ball under pressure, and quarterbacks who could throw and run the ball. The offense traveled the roads that Ihle and his team called out.

“Guys are starting to get it. It’s all starting to click for a few different guys who are going to be big key players. Watching them start to get it and start to get it kinda excites me,” Ihle said of the offensive display.

He continued an area where they saw the players begin to understand that the offense was on the offensive line for both teams. The O lines provided ample protection for both quarterbacks, allowing them to see the field and make throws. They were also able to open up the defense and give their running backs openings which they took advantage of to make long runs. This display let Ihle know they had some extra players who can give the starters a chance to rest.

On the defensive side, the players showed that they were able to read the courses and provide good coverage. They made a few interceptions and the defensive lines were able to tip passes. When they got through the offensive line, they showed they could rush the quarterback and force a rushing pass or run the quarterback.

“On the defensive side, we have a very good core DB (defensive backs) in my opinion. I didn’t let the pass end, so I was impressed with that,” Ihle said.

After the scrimmage, the Freshmen/Sophomore team prepares for the Norwalk scrimmage on Friday at 3:30 p.m. Ihle talked about what they will work with the team to prepare for in the scrimmage against a real opponent.

“It’s a bit more fun and let’s see what we can get out of it. Obviously we got the only fun game,” he said. “We could release something weird, but for today it was just to get everyone on the pitch and let them know the kind of pace we’re dealing with. That’s probably the most important thing on which we are going to work on next week, the rhythm and the time.”

The Burros Freshmen/Sophomore team play in the Norwalk scrimmage on Friday at 3:30 p.m. ahead of their home opener on Thursday August 18 at 4 p.m.


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