Rod Stewart slams parents for yelling abuse at son’s soccer games


Sir Rod Stewart has slammed parents for yelling abuse at his son’s football games.

The star coaches a boys’ team called The Young Hoops, whose players include his 10-year-old son Aiden.

He said he was shocked at the language directed at him, the referee and players by moms and dads on the sideline during games near his home in Essex.

The 76-year-old said he even had to warn the parents of boys on his own team, who play in his beloved Celtic’s colors, to be careful with their language.

Rod also called for banning teams from playing if they don’t tackle abuse from arrogant parents.

He said: “The abuse on the sideline is awful. I run a team, they’re called The Young Hoops, and they all wear Celtic colors.

“We’ve had a few really bad athletic parents who will try the referee, try me and it’s just awful.

“With the parents in regards to my team, they were all approached. We can give a little advice, but quietly.

“Don’t barricade the referee, don’t attack other supporters. I think what it is that we live our lives through these children. I don’t play anymore and all my children play football.

When asked if teams should be kicked out of their league if they don’t address parental abuse, he replied: “This is exactly how it should be, this is the way to do it. “

A track from Rod’s new album, The Tears Of Hercules, titled Touchline, is a football-inspired tribute to his Edinburgh-born father Robert.

He recounted how it was sparked by memories of his father coaching a team he and his two brothers played for.

Speaking on the BBC’s Headliners podcast, he said his father has given encouragement and constructive criticism and has never been abusive.

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Last month, Rod posted a video on Instagram giving him a team talk on The Young Hoops.

In the clip he said: “Okay, today’s game. Look at me, all I can tell you is try hard what you always do.

“The teams that gave you problems are the teams that pass the ball. If we can pass the ball a lot more, we will do it very well.

“No dribbling in your own box and enjoy it. “


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