Preparation for the football game of the week: No.1 Ashland-Greenwood welcomes No.10 Wahoo in a fiery clash | High school football


“Our offensive line has improved over the season, and that’s one of the reasons our running averages have improved,” said Wahoo head coach Chad Fox. “I think Owen took over as a quarterback and did some great things for us, and we’ve seen some growth.”

Dominant defense: Ashland-Greenwood wouldn’t be the best team in the C-1 class without their remarkable defense, which has allowed a total of 18 points in the last five games, a streak that includes three shutouts. Logan Sobota and Luke Lambert, who also impacted the quarterback, are the Bluejays’ main tackles so far.

“They’re playing at a very high level right now, and as a coaching staff we’ve really tried to keep it simple and let them be athletes,” Ashland head coach said. Greenwood, Ryan Thompson. “They feed off each other and try to do their jobs to the best of their ability and let their teammates do their jobs. “

A burning question

Which team will win the turnover battle?

Wahoo returned the ball twice in their season opener loss to Columbus Scotus, and the Warriors also returned the ball five times in their Week 4 loss to Milford. Over the next two weeks, Wahoo lost only one turnover and played more comfortable matches as a result.

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