Prep Football Game of the Week: Noah Walters, No. 9 Lincoln East prepare for toughest test yet against No. 4 Creighton Prep | High school football


However, Creighton Prep has yet to see a quarterback like Walters. The Junior Jays allowed a total of 958 passing yards; Walters pitched for 2,807 yards.

“It’s a challenge for sure because you don’t always see that ability to really spin the ball, and he (Walters) has a lot of good guns,” Johnk said. “You have several guys out there that they like to pitch it to, and we’re going to have to take out and eliminate the big games.”

On the flip side, much of Walters’ production happened in the first half of games against outclassed opponents. It’ll be key for the Spartans to put together a four-quarter effort against a top-tier Class A defense that Gingery considers the toughest they’ve seen all season.

“They’re big, they’re aggressive, and they’re trying to rob you of your strength,” Gingery said. “We have our work cut out for us. “


Lincoln East’s greatest strength on offense – his ability to produce a long touchdown at any moment – can work against him in matches like this. Creighton Prep’s rush-based attack keeps the score low and limits possession time for its opponents by nature, an approach that has caused trouble for the Spartans against North Platte.

The key to Creighton Prep will be its passing rush. If the Junior Jays can force Walters to make quick throws and keep the Spartan offense off schedule, they should be able to keep the score low where they want. But, if Walters can be business as usual and throw in five touchdowns like he’s done almost every week this season, Lincoln East could give his playoff standings a big boost.


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