Predict every Big Ten college football game in week 5


Photo: Isaiah Hole

Trent Knoop: It was one of the losses I predicted for the Wolverines before the start of the season. Camp Randall is always a tough place to play, which is why Michigan haven’t won there since 2001. But since the start of the season, the two teams have looked a lot different than expected. Michigan seems to have a good enough offense to score points, and the Badgers seem to have an inept one with Graham Mertz under center. All streaks have to end at some point, so I have the Wolverines winning here. Michigan 21, Wisconsin 17

Isaiah Hole: I’ve been going back and forth on this game in my head all week. If Michigan’s second half rivaled their first against Rutgers, my inclination would be an easy Wolverines win. However, I think it was a positive thing, assuming the staff were properly self-scouting, that there were some difficulties the week before Wisconsin. Corn and Blue want to run, but the Badgers stop running – kind of their thing. However, Jim Harbaugh said after the game against Washington that they ran because they weren’t going to win any assists. This game will likely be the opposite, and there hasn’t been a lack of internal confidence in what Cade McNamara can do – we just haven’t seen it.

On the other hand, Michigan appears to have straightened out the defense from last year, when Wisconsin slashed the Wolverines around the edges. Badger’s offense was putrid with Graham Mertz taking a giant step backwards. This is the first road game for Michigan, which is my biggest worry, but for now I have to expect a Wolverines win, given the data points we’ve seen. until now. But it’s my toughest pick of the week, to be completely honest. Michigan 24, Wisconsin 23


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