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Chances are, your fantasy team won’t have huge quarterback week off issues. Maybe you got stuck with Ryan Tannehill or Matt Ryan, or you just lost Russell Wilson. There are other QB issues that may exist besides byes.

For this week, one fix is ​​Taylor Heinicke. He’s not a player we want to keep on our roster, but if he’s in a hurry for a week, or while building a DFS lineup that probably won’t be similar to many others, he’s a worthy candidate.

Of course, there is no guarantee. He missed out on single digits last week against the Saints (just 9.92 fantasy points). Yes, he was almost as bad in Week 1 against the Chargers (10.58 points).

But, in the three games in between (against the Giants, at the Bills, at the Falcons), he averaged 23.1 and scored at least 20 in each game. Of these three, the Giants and the Falcons are quite generous to the opposing QBs (respectively plus-3 and plus-3.36 above the average per week). The Bills, on the other hand, are the stingiest, allowing 7.7 below the league average.

This week, Heinicke and his football team get the Chiefs. This bodes well for several reasons. First, the Chiefs offense has not been as effective this season as it has in the recent past. These symptoms might linger throughout the season, but there’s going to be a recovery game every now and then, and it looks like one.

Taylor heinicke
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So if the Chiefs click it means they are scoring which means Washington will have to score to call which means plenty of passing opportunities for Heinicke.

Additionally, the Chiefs’ defense is the worst in the league for defending against opposing fantastic QBs, allowing 9.6 more than the league average each week. The only defense still close to that level of incompetence is… wait… Washington (9.4), which sets the game even better for a KC recovery effort. You see, everything is falling into place.

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The Fool doesn’t recommend reckless moves to add it, but if you have a consumable player it’s worth acquiring to start before Tannehill, Derek Carr, Baker Mayfield, Kirk Cousins, Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold, Ben Roethlisberger or any of the recruits.

Stacking in DFS provides several options. You can pair him up with up to two other WFTers including Terry McLaurin, Ricky Seals-Jones and JD McKissic. You can counter on the Chiefs’ side with Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill and a cheaper dartboard on that side. With Hill struggling with a quad injury, we like Mecole Hardman or Josh Gordon (willing to protect against our long-term projection on him for a week given that Hill might be limited).

Going with McLaurin, Gordon, Seals-Jones and Kelce at Flex leaves enough salary cap space for FanDuel to also use Jonathan Taylor and Austin Ekeler as a running back.

Top it off with Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas defense, and you’ve got a Heinicke-based DFS roster. Now open a Heineken and enjoy your Sunday.

Big weeks

Devontae Booker RB, Giants, vs. Rams (FanDuel $ 5,900 / DraftKings $ 5,400)

Efficiency wasn’t what you wanted to see last week after Saquon Barkley fell. But the volume was – 16 staves and 19 keys. Should continue to have a healthy workload until Barkley returns.

Odell Beckham Jr. WR, Browns, vs. Chargers (FD $ 6,000 / DK $ 5,100)

Was virtually ghosted by QB Baker Mayfield in a shootout last week. This week he complained a bit about not having the ball. Expect squeaky wheel juice on Sunday.

Jakobi Meyers
Jakobi Meyers makes a catch for the Patriots.
Getty Images

Jakobi Meyers WR, Patriots, vs Cowboys (FD $ 5,800 / DK $ 5,500)

Has 31 receptions and zero TDs. The average number of captures per DT for WR is around 12. It is due. Plus, the Pats will likely have to pitch to keep up with the Cowboys.

Ricky Seals-Jones TE, Washington, against the Chiefs (FD $ 5,000 / DK $ 3,000)

Was on the field for 99% of offensive snaps last week, with five catches on nine targets for 41 yards. It is a plug and play for those who have had Logan Thomas.

Small weak points

Joe Burrow QB, Bengals, at Lions (FD $ 7,400 / DK $ 6,300)

At a rate of 5-4 TD-INT on the road, compared to 6-2 at home. And the Lions have proven to be a much more fiery opponent than previously thought before the season.

Geno Smith QB, Seahawks, at Steelers ($ 6,500 FD / $ 5,100 DK)

The companion takes over from injured Russell Wilson. The Steelers aren’t the defensive powerhouse they’ve been in the past, but they’re not bad. No RB Chris Carson won’t help.

Geno Smith
Getty Images

Damien Harris RB, Patriots, vs Cowboys (FD $ 6,200 / DK $ 5,200)

Dealing with a rib injury. Some trial and error problems. In two games in which the Pats felt late, he had 10 carries for 10 yards.

Allen Robinson WR, Bears, vs. Packers (FD $ 5,900 / DK $ 5,300)

Has been held within 40 yards in every game except one this season. It is now an ankle problem.

Daily duel of fantastic madness

To place: DraftKings

Slate: Sun. main (10 sets)

Type: $ 3 tournament

First price : $ 100,000

Pot: $ 1.5M

Drew’s crew

QB: Lamar Jackson (Ball, vs. BAC) $ 7,400

RB: Austin Ekeler (LAC, at Bal) $ 7,900

RB: JD McKissic (Was, vs. KC) $ 4,800

WR: Keenan Allen (BAC, at Bal) $ 6,400

WR: Marquise Brown (Bal, vs. BAC) $ 5,900

WR: Jakobi Meyers (NE, vs. Dal) $ 5,500

TE: Ricky Seals-Jones (was, vs. KC) $ 3,000

Flex: Travis Kelce (KC, at Was) $ 7,000

Summer time : Lions (Det, vs. Cin) $ 2,100

Wilk’s warriors

QB: Taylor Heinicke (was against KC) $ 5,800

RB: Darrell Henderson (LAR, at NYG) $ 6,000

RB: Jonathan Taylor (Ind, vs. Hou) $ 6,600

WR: Ja’Marr Chase (Cin, in Det) $ 6,700

WR: Brandin Cooks (Hou, to Ind) $ 5,800

WR: Terry McLaurin (was, vs. KC) $ 7,100

TE: Mark Andrews (Bal, c. LAC $ 5,200

Flex: Mecole Hardman (KC, at Was) $ 4,200

Summer time : Browns (Cle, vs. Ari) $ 2,900

Risky season: $ 42

Season earnings: Jarad $ 10, shot $ 5

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