Pair of Ducks football stars help another student who is afraid of not eating


EUGENE, Ore — If you’ve ever seen your card declined in a store queue, you know the feeling. For University of Oregon student Connor White, the stakes were just a little higher. According to White’s Instagram page, two football players from Oregon have stepped up for him during this time of great need.

In a Instagram post created by White on Monday, White says he’s struggled with technology for most of his day.

“I love college, but I spent 7 hours walking around campus trying to solve technical problems. Anything that could have gone wrong, technology did. It was a struggle.”

White goes on to say that he had pushed his fight, but one of the problems was that he had not been able to buy food in the previous days. He only ate early in the morning and late at night in his dormitory.

White stopped to eat at the Panda Express in the Erb Memorial Union building. His access to Ducks Bucks was denied in front of the entire line. White didn’t know where his next meal would come from. Not only that, he faced this “card refused” embarrassment.

“I’m obviously in distress. I’m tired, angry, annoyed, exhausted and really, really hungry. I was about to lose my temper.”

That’s when two stars from the University of Oregon campus stepped in and did something very selfless.

Defensive backs Trikweze Bridges and Avante Dickerson offered to pay for White’s meal without asking further questions.

“Now, I’ve never been to a place where I couldn’t buy food, so it was a panic that I had never experienced. When they proposed, I couldn’t myself. keep from bursting into tears just by thanking them (I started crying just as I wrote this, to show you how much I appreciate that.) and I have never been so grateful for Panda Express in my life “, wrote White.

White goes on to explain that he’s been an Oregon Football fan since birth. For White, it was proof that top athletes have pure good in their hearts.

“I passed hundreds of people who saw me cry and dozens of people who saw me frantically panicking for food. These two stood out from the hundreds with their kind deed, and he They happen to be 4 star soccer players leading the best defense in the nation.

As rumor continues to spread about the simple but sweet act the Ducks displayed in the middle of campus, even head coach Mario Cristobal is bragging about their character content.

“They do so many things that are never the subject of media or social media, but I’m glad it did because it’s a great reflection of them, their values, of their principles, of the way they were brought up, ”Cristobal said. “Granted, that also shines a light on the program, but these guys are awesome. They’re awesome as people. They’re awesome as players. They’re all about it. They don’t do it to get one. tweet or post. They are who they are 24/7. So very happy to have the opportunity to help someone. “

The two defensive backs will return to the field on Saturday when Oregon faces Stanford. They are sure to have a new super fan who will watch when the Ducks take on the Cardinal.


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