My life has been marked out in football matches



It is difficult to determine the exact moment when my back started to hurt. Was it in December, after I carried a Christmas tree up two flights of stairs? Or did it start in April, when Tottenham sacked Jose Mourinho and appointed Ryan Mason – my two-year-old junior – as interim head coach?

It was bad enough when Theo Walcott – only a few weeks older than me – made the England squad for the 2006 World Cup, a time when I still struggled to be invited to parties. But being older than a Premier League manager, who am I, father?

I was reminded of this by the news of Steven Gerrard’s appointment to Aston Villa and the Frank Lampard rumors at Norwich. For me, they will always be players. So if they get old, so must I.

Football, like any obsession, gives texture and context to life. Seasons exist not only to present awards, but to help me remember where I lived, who I dated, and what I was thinking. To be honest, when Twain said history rhymes, I think he meant Arsenal was losing to Bolton.

Football brings order to chaos. It starts in August with the Community Shield, which for legal reasons must be qualified as “traditional curtain raiser”. The third round of the FA Cup falls on the first Saturday in January and it is all over in May.

He plays the same role between years. When was my bar mitzvah? Easy, May 12, 2002 at Highbury, where the Arsenal team celebrated their championship and cup double with an open-top bus parade. As an apology for the inconvenience, Patrick Vieira kissed my mother (on the cheek).

The funny thing is that it even works for events that happened long before my time. When did Britain adopt decimalization? It’s obvious, 1971, the year Arsenal won their first brace.

If Gerrard or Lampard continue to have managerial careers that are even half as good as their playing days, fans born today might not care if they played at all, let alone being forced to play. ” have an opinion on the possibility of operating together in the central midfield.

It would be the real joy to be a child again.


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