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Steve Bruce’s Newcastle United only seem to work in extremes.

They rarely found a happy balance between positive results and positive performance. Throughout the first two seasons of Bruce’s tenure, Newcastle were so often turgid, working through games, but they found a way to rack up enough points to survive comfortably.

“We are supposed to be ‘boring at Newcastle’ and have no style of play,” Bruce said on Friday, referring to the lawless 1-1 draw with Leeds United. “Yet everyone was delighted with the show. “

And many, if not everyone, have done it because, so far in 2021-2022, Newcastle have been anything but that bland side of yore. Their games were captivating, chaotic and very entertaining.

Problem is, there’s another crucial word to describe Newcastle’s start to the campaign: winless.

Newcastle can now be aesthetically pleasing, they may have gone from being overly cautious to borderline reckless, and they may have become one of the sides neutrals are starting to tune in to, rather than actively avoiding. But they are yet to claim a victory in their first six Premier League games.

In their first five games, Newcastle were arguably too open and their defense was porous. Against Watford, Newcastle’s problem wasn’t their lack of structure, it was their debauchery.


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