Letter to Texas Football: Play Your Game


Texas has a great chance of winning on Saturday. If they made the changes they should have made on the bye week, the Longhorns will look like a much better team than they did against Oklahoma State.

Before the Oklahoma game, I was of the opinion that if Texas played like they have for most of the season, they would win. Texas won convincingly.

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I feel the same way about this game. In general, if Texas plays like they played the seven games before Oklahoma State, the Longhorns have every chance of winning.

Steve Sarkisian will be tasked with bringing a focused but loose squad as they enter a tough road environment. If they do the following things, Texas should stay alive in the Big 12 race.

If Quinn Ewers is Quinn Ewers…

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Ewers has been a great quarterback this season. For some reason, many of his detractors think the only game he played badly was the real Quinn Ewers. It doesn’t matter how he played in his four starts before Oklahoma State. An old Keilan Robinson quote comes to mind when considering some of the unfounded criticism the Longhorns quarterback receives. “It’s about.” Barring a defensive collapse, if Ewers regroups, Texas wins.

Can anyone tackle Bijan one-on-one?

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Football is an 11-on-11 game, but the Longhorns have the better player. In Bijan Robinson, Texas has the ace of spades. Steve Sarkisian must trust him. Kansas State could be in trouble if individual defenders are to be heroes against Robinson.

accept victory

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In sales, there is a phenomenon where the salesperson continues to persuade the customer after the sale is already made. Texas fans may have felt like the customer watching the team in their final game. Against Oklahoma State, the Longhorns may have gotten too cute after building a sizable lead. Against Kansas State, Sarkisian will likely rely on No. 5.

Play with emotion, not emotional

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The Longhorns’ talent is why teams bring their most complex game plans against Texas. When adversity strikes, Sarkisian’s team must trust their elite playing ability and play to their strengths.

If he gains four yards, throw him back

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The adage above is both simple and effective. If the opponent cannot stop a play call, continue to execute it. If a call stops working, delete it. Whether or not a team can stop a Bijan run-Xavier Worthy screen RPO is unclear. While Tom Herman was too predictable, Steve Sarkisian can be a bit more repetitive going forward.

Make the quarterback beat you

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Neither Will Howard nor Adrian Martinez are particularly impressive passers. Texas can’t afford to concede running or short throws to K-State quarterbacks. Pete Kwiakowski could be well served for the Wildcats to broadcast football on Saturday.


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