It’s football game day: Connecticutt at UCF


ORLANDO – As the Knights prepare to enter the field against the Huskies, this will be a game in which the opportunities to improve are immense. Here are the questions leading up to the contest, followed by specific times and places to watch UCF, and finally articles leading up to the game.

** Will UCF come out excited and ready to play? The Knights are undefeated at home this season and generally play well at Bounce House.

** How does Mikey Keene behave when given the opportunity to throw deep? He’ll likely be able to utilize the playing action with UCF’s rushing offense that may overtake the Huskies’ run defense, so there will be opportunities for some big passing plays.

** How many sacks will the Knights record against a team that has allowed 27 sacks this season?

** Are the Knights intercepting multiple passes with the Huskies unlikely to do a good job slowing the UCF pass rush?

Here is today’s game day information:

Date of the match: Saturday, November 20

Location: Bounce house

Time: 4 p.m. EST

Television: ESPN +

Radio: 96.9 FM and 740 AM

Beyond the article on match predictions, information on the clashes between UCF and SMU, as well as news from the UCF team, news from college football and news on recruiting are the following:

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