It’s a red card from me for canceling football matches on such short notice / column Dave Thomas



Football fan Dave Thomas is among thousands of angry fans that games can be called off at such short notice

Going into Watford and finding the land is good. Exit Watford and navigate the one-way system; you need A ‘geography levels.

I also remember when they came to Burnley and won 7-4. A friend we had taken with us for her first soccer game asked us, “Has soccer always been that good?”

Either way, here’s the next gripe. Guess Mrs T and I weren’t the only ones who made it to Burnley’s halfway point to learn that the game had stopped last week. We were on our way to Halifax from Leeds when a friend called to let us know.

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Believe me, making this trip around 5 am when the ring roads are congested with traffic to the house is no joke at the best of times. The tongue that came out of me; half were words I had never heard before. When I got home I had to find out what they meant.

But others had worse trips, especially those who had traveled much greater distances than us. Then there were the supporters who always spend the night.

Covid: what else. But postponing the match in such a short time with only a few hours left to play, ignited us all. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall of Sean Dyche’s office.

The hazy story began to emerge over the course of the evening, gleaned from social media, Sky and local reporters. The Watford team had been in Burnley since the day before, staying at the Crow Wood Hotel. No mention of covid but they had six injured players and two questionable players.

On the morning of the game, several of them and the staff were in the gym. They alerted the Premier League to the covid situation around 2 p.m. It can be deduced that they did their tests in the morning and that the results arrived three or four hours later. The Premier League met around 4 p.m. and decided to call the game off.

There was no indication at this point on how many Watford players had covid. There is absolutely no transparency. Burnley wanted to play the game, not Watford. But they had taken all their kit and equipment to the locker room in preparation.

Watford fan coaches were starting to draw closer to Burnley. Burnley fans were arriving without knowing the news yet. Some, like us, had turned around but many did not know until they arrived.

“I wondered why the parking was so easy,” said one of them.

Some Watford fans took to the pub, The Royal Dyche, and were delighted to tweet that they had found four pints of beer for just £ 840. To put it in perspective, a double burger and fries at Arsenal cost over £ 18.

Burnley Football Club is of course losing money, stewards and payroll staff who showed up for the game.

Catering staff in the Bob Lord and Longside. Much of the food was wasted, although some went to Pastor Mick and Church on the Street.

On a day when 76,000 cases of covid were recorded, it might not come as a surprise that some of them were Watford footballers. But hundreds, if not thousands of us remain angry that a game can be postponed in such a short time, just two hours before kick-off.

And the question remains, how happy was Watford to have called the game given his current injury situation?

Watford Football Club will reimburse its supporters for their travel expenses. I wonder if they could do the same for Burnley fans. The Spurs game was called off at the last minute due to a snowstorm.

It was just a shitty law, barely made by man. But Watford’s game… hmmm… let’s just say it suited Watford.

Conspiracy theories have hit the airwaves.

Stop Press: Burnley’s game at Villa on Saturday was called off with just two hours to go. Burnley fans are already here. It cannot continue. Four fans, for example, had spent £ 270 on train tickets. Hundreds were there or almost.

The word mess comes to mind.



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