How Michigan football statistically matches the Georgia Bulldogs


While the last two games looked like the playoffs, this one is actually the College Football Playoff.

Georgia had a strong expectation of being the No. 1 seed on Dec. 31, but a funny thing happened on their way to CFP – as usual, the Bulldogs couldn’t get past Alabama. Suddenly, the unbeatable defense showed a little vulnerability.

Ultimately, as Michigan and Georgia football watch each other via stats, it’s in many ways the Spider-Man meme, with two teams pointing fingers at each other with similar identities. While the Dawgs might boast a stronger defense and better passing offense, Michigan has a better offense on the run. But, for the most part, both teams play the same, and it could very well end up being a battle over who performs better and who wants more.

Here’s how the Capital One Orange Bowl teams compete statistically.


Rank (metric) Rank (metric)
Michigan scoring the offense 13th (37.7 points per game) 1st (9.5 ppg) Georgia goal defense
Michigan rushed attack 9th (223.85 ypg) 3rd (81.69 YPGA) Georgia rushes in defense
Michigan passing offense 67th (228.1 PGJ) 3rd (171.5 ypga) Georgia passing defense
Michigan Total Offense 19th (451.9 ypg) 2nd (253.2 ypga) Georgia total defense
Michigan yards per set 21st (6.48 ypp) 1st (4.01 ypga) Georgia yards per play allowed
Michigan first downs 40th (22.2 pages) 2nd (14.2 apg) Georgia opp. first stockings
Michigan third down conv. 20th (45.40%) 15th (32.84%) Georgia opp. third low conv.
Michigan fourth down conv. 47th (58.33%) 41st (46.43%) Georgia opp. fourth down conv.
Conv. Michigan red zone 7th (92.19%) 1st (60%) Georgia opp. red zone conv.
Michigan bags are allowed 2nd (0.77 sapg) 6th (3.15 spg) Georgia sacked
Michigan TFL licensed 1st (2.08 tfla / g) 29th (6.54 tfl / g) Georgia TFL
Michigan long scrum plays 68th (173 plays over 10 yards) 2nd (109 games over 10 meters) Georgia long games allowed
Michigan Penalties 19th (42.4 yd / g) 67th (52.1 yards / g) Georgia opp. penalties
Upper Michigan 19 (31: 48.00) 48th (30: 24.92) Georgia TOP


Rank (metric) Rank (metric)
Michigan scoring defense 4th (16.1 points per game) 7th (39.4 points per game) Georgia scoring the offense
Michigan fast defensive 21st (121.54 ypga) 28th (195.08 ypg) Georgia hasty attack
Michigan passes the defense 22nd (194.7 ypga) 52nd (247.9 ypg) Georgia passing offense
Michigan Total Defense 12th (316.2 ypga) 26th (443 ypg) Georgia total offense
Michigan yards per play allowed 9th (4.71 yppa) 5th (6.94 years) Georgia yards per set
Michigan opp. first stockings 11th (16.8 apg) 30th (22.9 pages) Georgia first tests
Michigan opp. third low conv. 13th (32.34%) 31st (44.06%) Georgia third down conv.
Michigan opp. fourth down conv. 49th (48.39%) 63rd (53.85%) Georgia fourth down conv.
Michigan opp. red zone conv. 46th (80%) 40th (88.89%) Georgia red zone conv.
michigan ransack 32nd (2.62 s / g) 6th (0.85 sa / g) Georgia dismissal authorized
Michigan TFL 72nd (5.31 tfl / g) 5th (3.31 tfla / g) Georgia TFL licensed
Michigan long scrums are allowed 31st (146 games over 10 meters) 14th (205 games over 10 meters) Georgia plays long
Michigan opp. penalties 109th (44.5 yd / g) 10th (38.3 yd / g) Georgia penalties
Michigan Revenue Margin 38th (+ 0.38 / g) 64th (0 / g) Georgia revenue margin

Special teams

Rank (metric) Rank (metric)
Michigan Kickoff 38th (63.06 yards) 53rd (60.92 yards) Georgia opp. to start up
Michigan kick off return 87th (18.81 yards / ret) 3rd (13 yds / ret) Georgia kick-off return cleared
Michigan by boat 15th (46.42 m / p) 60th (42.05 yd / p) Georgia opp. small boat
Michigan punt return 42nd (9.94 yards / ret) 106th (10.6 yards / ret) Georgia kick return allowed
Michigan goals 9th (91.7%) 11th (60%) Georgia opp. field goals
Michigan PAT 1st (100%) 11th (92.9%) Georgia opp. TAP
Michigan opp. to start up 25th (59.67 meters) 21st (63.59 yds) Georgia kicks off
Michigan kick-off return cleared 1st (12.08 yds / ret) 82nd (19.07 yd / ret) Georgia kick off return
Michigan opp. small boat 107th (44.07 yds / p) 11th (47.08 yds / p) Georgia by boat
Michigan kick return allowed 22nd (3.89 yards / ret) 46th (9.79 yards / ret) Georgia Kick Return
Michigan opp. field goals 26th (66.7%) 32nd (81.8%) Georgia goals
Michigan opp. TAP 88th (100%) 57th (98.5%) Georgia PAT
Blocked punts / kicks in Michigan 8th (4) 8th (4) Georgia blocked punts / kicks

Players to know

Player Statistics to know
Strategist Stetson Bennett IV

JT Daniels

148/231 (64.1%), 2325 yards, 24 TD, 7 INT

68/94 (72.3%), 722 yards, 7 TD, 3 INT

To recover Zamir White

James cook

135 cars, 718 yds (5.32 ypc), 10 TDs (55.23 ypg)

101 cars, 619 yds (6.13 ypc), 7 TDs (47.62 ypg)

Wide receivers Brock Bowers (TE)

Laddd McConkey

Jermaine burton

George Pickens (inj.)

47 catches, 791 yards (16.83 ypc), 11 touchdowns

28 captures, 430 yds (15.36 ypc), 5 TDs

23 catches, 412 yards (17.91 ypc), 4 touchdowns

3 catches, 46 yards (15.33 ypc) in 2 g

Leading attackers S Lewis Cine

LB Nakobe Dean

LB Channing Tindall

61 tackles

61 tackles

58 tackles

Leaders Bags LB Nakobe Dean

LB Adam Anderson

LB Robert Beal Jr.

LB Channing Tindall

DL Travon Walker

5 bags, 43 meters

5 bags, 18 meters

4.5 bags, 45 meters

4.5 bags, 36 yards

4 bags, 28 meters

TFL leaders LB Nakobe Dean

DL Jalen Carter

DL Devonte Wyatt

LB Nolan Smith

LB Channing Tindall

LB Robert Beal Jr.

DL Travon Walker

LB Adam Anderson

LB Quay Walker

8.5 TFL, 55 meters

8.5 TFL, 35 meters

7 TFL, 29 meters

7 TFL 25 meters

6 TFL, 39 meters

5.5 TFL, 49 meters

5.5 TFL, 33 meters

5.5 TFL, 18 meters

4.5 TFL, 28 meters

Most passes are interrupted CB Latavious Brini

CB Kelee Ringo



Chiefs of interception DB Christopher Smith

LB Nakobe Dean

DB Derion Kendrick

2 INT, 94 yards, 1 TD

2 INT, 50 yards, 1 TD

2 INT, 22 meters

Field goals K Jack Podlesny 18/22 FG attempts
small boat P Jake Camarda 47.08 yds / punt
Punt returns Kearis jackson 22 ret, 189 yards (8.59 average)
Kick returns Kenny mcintosh

Kearis jackson

6 ret, 113 yards (18.83 average)

5 ret, 105 yards (21 avg) 9

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