How Michigan football stacks up against Rutgers Scarlet Knights by stats


By now you’ve heard that Rutgers has improved dramatically. And as the Scarlet Knights enter Saturday’s Week 4 contest undefeated after three games for the first time since 2012, the numbers can tell you a lot – both about Rutgers and how Michigan football is doing. compared.

Here’s how Greg Schiano’s team is doing in numbers and how they stack up against the Wolverines.


Rank (metric) Rank (metric)
Michigan scoring the offense 3rd (47 points per game) 8th (11.3 points per game) Rutgers scoring defense
Michigan rushed attack 1st (350.33 ypg) 49th (113 ypga) Rutgers rushes in defense
Michigan pass offense 112th (164.3 ypg) 15th (145.7 ypga) Rutgers passes the defense
Michigan Total Offense 16th (514.7 ypg) 15th (261 ypga) Rutgers Total Defense
Michigan yards per set 6th (7.88 ypp) 19th (4.22 ypga) Rutgers yards per game allowed
Michigan first downs 33rd (23.3 pages) 8th (13.3 apg) Rutgers op. first stockings
Michigan third down conv. 16th (52.94%) 2nd (17.5%) Rutgers op. third low conv.
Michigan fourth down conv. 61st (57.14%) 8th (13.3%) Rutgers op. fourth down conv.
Conv. Michigan red zone 31st (92.31%) 24th (66.67%) Rutgers op. red zone conv.
Michigan bags allowed 4th (0.33 sapg) 4th (4.67 spg) rutgers bags
Michigan TFL licensed 1st (2.33 tfla / g) 13th (8.67 tfl / g) Rutgers TFL
Michigan long scrum plays 52nd (44 games over 10 meters) 32nd (30 games over 10 meters) Long play rutgers allowed
Michigan Penalties 48th (51 yards / g) 91st (45 yd / g) Rutgers op. penalties
Upper Michigan 31 (31:06) 13 (33:36) Top Rutgers


Rank (metric) Rank (metric)
Michigan scoring defense 8th (11.3 points per game) 21st (41 points per game) Rutgers attack
Michigan defense rushes in 47th (112.67 ypga) 81st (144.33 ypg) Rutgers rushing offensive
Michigan Pass Defense 30th (176.7 ypga) 90th (206.7 ypg) Rutgers passing offense
Michigan Total Defense 51st (317 ypga) 26th (289.3 ypg) Rutgers Total Attack
Michigan yards per play allowed 34th (4.54 yppa) 107th (4.85 ypp) Rutgers yards per set
Michigan opp. first stockings 30 (15.7 apg) 87th (20 pages) Rutgers first downs
Michigan opp. third down conv. 64th (36.17%) 59th (42.22%) Rutgers third down conv.
Michigan opp. fourth down conv. 30th (15.7%) 60th (62.5%) Rutgers fourth in falling conv.
Michigan opp. red zone conv. 105th (100%) 86th (81.25%) Rutgers red zone conv.
michigan ransack 78th (1.67 s / g) 30th (1.33 sa / g) Rutgers bags allowed
Michigan TFL 105th (4.33 tfl / g) 121st (9 tfla / g) Authorized TFL Rutgers
Michigan long scrums are allowed 23rd (29 games over 10 meters) 113th (30 games over 10 meters) Rutgers plays long
Michigan opp. penalties 81st (48.7 yd / g) 4th (28.3 yd / g) Rutgers sanctions
Michigan Revenue Margin 31st (+ 0.67 / g) 2nd (+ 2.67 / g) Rutgers profit margin

Special teams

Rank (metric) Rank (metric)
Michigan kicks off 60th (63.24 yards) 20th (59 meters) Rutgers op. to start up
Michigan kick off return 26th (28.3 yards / ret) 61st (20 yds / ret) Rutgers kick-off return cleared
Michigan by boat 36th (45.17 yd / s) 33rd (39.76 yds / p) Rutgers op. small boat
Michigan punt return 20th (15.63 yards / ret) 14th (1.5 yards / ret) Rutgers kick return allowed
Michigan goals 1st (100%) 42nd (66.7%) Rutgers op. field objectives
Michigan PAT 1st (100%) 36th (100%) Rutgers op. TAP
Michigan opp. to start up 3rd (54.33 meters) 86th (62.09 yards) Rutgers kick off
Michigan kick-off return cleared 4th (10.33 yards / ret) 23rd (26.17 yd / ret) Rutgers kick off returns
Michigan opp. small boat 111th (45.37 yds / p) 4th (51.71 yds / p) Rutgers in a boat
Michigan kick return allowed 39th (4 yards / ret) 8th (20.88 yards / ret) Rutgers punt return
Michigan opp. field objectives 42nd (66.7%) 61st (75%) Rutgers Field Goals
Michigan opp. TAP 36th (100%) 1st (100%) Rutgers PAT

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