Heartwarming moment at a rented juvenile soccer game


A young player who stopped playing in a minor football match to tie an opponent’s shoelaces has been praised for his outstanding athletic behavior.

Ardmore Rovers midfielder Phelim Doyle was playing on a frosty Saturday morning against Templeogue United in an Under-14 Championship game when he saw one of the opposition players struggling with his laces .

Phelim, 12, didn’t hesitate to offer to help his counterpart who, despite wearing gloves, couldn’t get his numb fingers to work.

Ardmore Rovers midfielder Phelim Doyle has been praised for helping an opposition player tie his laces.

The heartwarming moment was filmed and broadcast on club Bray’s social media.

The photo was posted with the caption: “We’ve all been there on a cold morning, the hands are just too cold to tie your laces, but it’s not often when an opposition player walks up to help, well done Phelim!

“I also had a victory for the guys from Ardmore, 5-2, well done to everyone involved!”

Her mother Dorothy said Extra.ie his act of kindness must have given him “good karma” as he then scored three goals.

minor football player Phelim Doyle
Phelim went on to score a hat trick in the game after helping Templeogue Pic player: Ardmore Rovers FC

“It was a very nice thing to do, but it’s worth saying they were losing 2-0 at the time, but Phelim had a hat trick so some good karma has to come from his good deed.

“We’re of course very proud of him, but that’s also the way they’re trained at Ardmore.

“If they do win a game, we tell them not to show what the team’s philosophy is.

minor football player
Phelim’s mother praised the way her son was trained at Ardmore FC Pic: Supplied

“As his parents, we have to take credit for it, but like I said, it’s also the way kids are trained.”

Dorothy said her son would never brag about his exploits on the pitch, even if he scored a goal.

“He’s calm and can be reserved, but he’s a very decent kid who keeps an eye on people, it’s in his nature to help others,” she said.

Phelim was voted 2018 Ardmore FC Clubman of the Year Photo: Supplied

“On the pitch he likes to cheer on the other members of his team, but outside of this one he’s quiet and if he scores you should get him out.

“He didn’t know the photo had been taken, but when I asked him the question, his attitude was ‘Why don’t you do it?’

The young Spurs fan has played Ardmore since the age of six, but has also recently started playing rugby for his school Presentation College Bray.

And he showed promise with the oval ball after scoring a winning try against rivals from neighboring St Gerard’s school.

“He loves to play football, but he also started playing rugby for his school and with the Greystones rugby club which he enjoys,” said Dorothy.

“For now, he will continue to play both, but I think he does well in whatever he chooses because he is naturally athletic.”


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