Fuel shortage leads to postponement of series of non-league football matches


Several non-league football teams in England have chosen or have been forced to postpone their midweek fixtures due to fuel shortages across the country.

Motorists panicked for gasoline and diesel at stations, leading to closures in some cases and restricted sales in others.

And with funds already tight in the lower parts of the game, some clubs have chosen to delay their matches for the next few days, with supply chain issues set to ease over the next 48 hours, according to the president of the. AA. .

This means weekend games are expected to remain in place, where several teams will face FA Cup games, but regional league games midweek have been canceled en masse.

Across the Isthmian League – the seventh and eighth levels of the English game, spanning Greater London and the East of England – at least eight games have been postponed, apparently not always with both teams excited about the idea.

Worthing v Merstham, Chipstead FC Surrey v Chertsey Town, Whitehawk’s home game against Burgess Hill Town and Folkestone Invicta hosting Hornchurch FC are all part of the canceled matches. The same goes for Cray Valley versus Phoenix Sports – the home team being one of those Tweeter apparent discontent, saying that “the directive of the League [for clubs to postpone matches if they wished] surprised us a lot and it was the decision of our visitors to cancel this match. We did not expect this and it was not our decision.

Several supporters from various clubs responded to the cancellation notice by suggesting that clubs with FA Cup third round qualifying matches coming up this weekend take the opportunity to get a full week without action before prestigious and important occasions, with non-leagues. clubs earning significant income compared to their usual income if they reach the actual first round of the competition – as well as having the opportunity to face professional clubs from much higher in the league pyramid.

The FA pays £ 1,875 to clubs coming out of this round, while the winners are guaranteed £ 5,625 for the win and at least an additional £ 3,125 to participate in the fourth qualifying round. After that comes the first round proper, a victory in which the clubs will take home £ 22,629 in prize money this season.

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