Former UCF football stars team up to give kids toys this holiday season



Two former UCF football stars are giving back to the Orlando community this holiday season.

Former University of Central Florida football stars Anthony Roberson and Jordan Johnson launched the “One Kid Orlando Foundation” to help give back to children in the Greater Orlando community.

On Friday, Roberson handed out Christmas presents at the Boys and Girls Club in Orlando.

“Your payment, what we all charge you, is you have to love someone for the holiday season,” Roberson said. “Hug someone. That’s all you have to do.”

Since graduating two years ago, the duo have continued to make an impact in the community. This is now the fourth year that they have donated gifts to children in the area.

“Their eyes light up and it’s like nothing else in the world matters. They are so infatuated with receiving this gift. It warms your heart,” Johnson said.

Johnson is in Oklahoma as a football coach at Northeaster State University and Roberson is in Virginia, but ready to move to California to continue his studies in film. Although both have left the Sunshine State, they are returning to help the community they once called home.

“Orlando took an 18 year old from Richmond, Virginia, and said it’s your home now, and we’ll treat you like family. And that’s what they did, so pay next.” , said Roberson.

They hope to inspire future generations along the way.

“It makes you feel like ‘I remember when I was them and admired football players,’” Johnson said. “Now it makes me want to give back to communities where there is a little kid, who’s like me, admiring a football player. He’s going to want to give back to the community someday,” Johnson said.

They still have plenty of gifts and toys to offer this holiday season.

If you want to help, go to their website.



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