Former soccer stars will join disability charity team in Oswestry soccer challenge


A team from Sense Charity will take on Lloyds Bank in a football match on September 25 to raise funds so people with complex disabilities can experience the world and fulfill their potential.

Rob Lloyd, who will play on the Sense Charity team alongside 21 other men and women

In this ‘Footie Aid’ challenge, teams will meet at The New Saints in Oswestry to play a football game for charity. The event was organized by fundraiser, Rob Lloyd, who will play on the Sense Charity team alongside 21 other men and women.

Team Sense will feature former Liverpool and Hull City footballers Stephen Wright and Gary Brabin. Former Army veteran Craig Lungburg will also be on hand for a penalty shootout challenge. Award-winning actor Jack Marsden helped organize the event, who rose to prominence playing PC Danny Rylands in the multi-BAFTA award-winning drama The Cops and Heartbeat.

Fundraiser Rob Lloyd said: “Having completed 12 months and 26 challenges for Sense raising £100,000, I am delighted to say that I am continuing ‘Rob’s Senseless Challenge’, running events to raise funds essentials for Sense Charity The first will be Footie Aid at TNS Stadium in Oswestry on September 25. We expect this event to be fun and are currently looking for sponsors, volunteers and players to join our team of 22 We are delighted to have former football players in our team as well.

Sense is the national disability charity which believes that everyone should be able to participate in life, regardless of their disability. Through activities, short breaks, education and play, Sense helps thousands of people with complex disabilities experience the world and realize their potential.

Having supported the charity since 2019 when he ran the London Marathon for Sense, Rob completed his Senseless Challenge where he endured 12 months of grueling challenges ranging from skydiving to SAS boot camps. More recently, Rob has used his expertise in real estate and development to help find charity store locations for Sense.

Jon Stubbs, Sense Community Fundraising Manager, said, “We are extremely grateful for Rob’s ongoing fundraising effort for Sense. His support over the past few years and especially the past year and a half has been incredible. The ‘Footie Aid’ challenge is another fantastic example of Rob’s creative and dedicated efforts to support Sense and we look forward to cheering everyone on at the September game.

“In the UK there are around 1.6 million people with complex disabilities and the money raised by Rob will go towards Sense’s work to support children and adults with complex disabilities – from our playgroups to buddy program, through drop-in centers and inclusive sports programs.”


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