Former Alabama football stars seeking free agent contract with NFL


Being an Alabama football player opens up many opportunities in the NFL. Most former Crimson Tide players who are rookies have strong NFL careers. In some cases, those careers far exceed the average number of seasons in an NFL career.

But NFL teams are limited businesses in most cases, not by how much they could spend, but by league salary caps. Supply and demand are driving new contracts for superstars, with teams having to adapt to other players on the roster.

The period of free agency usually goes well for former Alabama football players. Not quite two weeks into the current free agency period, nine former Crimson Tide players are still looking for new deals.

Julio Jones is the most noticed. Now 33, Julio is still highly regarded, even if only for one or two seasons. Julio will sign with a new team and lead his NFL career into his 12th season. Based on estimated dollars provided by, Julio’s NFL career earnings topped $140 million.

Another former Tide player is looking to play a 13th season in the NFL. Kareem Jackson will be 34 in a few days and that’s old for a defensive back. Jackson has had an outstanding professional career and will likely get a one-year contract. Jackson’s career earnings are estimated at $74.6 million.

Landon Collins is looking for a new team after Washington twice asked him to cut his salary. Collins has played seven seasons in the NFL, and some NFL pundits believe his best offer may be a move to a full-time hybrid linebacker role. Landon’s estimated NFL career earnings are $48.9 million.

Former Alabama football linebackers Dont’a Hightower, Rashaan Evans and Reggie Ragland are also looking for new deals. Hightower could stay with New England, but the other two will move to new teams. The Tide trio’s NFL career earnings are estimated to be: Hightower – $52.8 million; Evans – $11.5 million and Ragland – $8.2 million. At 32, Hightower is no longer the player he was in what has been a tremendous NFL career, including three Super Bowl titles.

Other Free Agents of Former Alabama Football Players

AJ McCarron, James Carpenter and Ronnie Harrison are also available as free agents. Although McCarron never gained much playing time in the NFL, his time in the NFL rewarded him well, with an estimated career earnings of $15.6 million.

Note that all estimated NFL earnings in this article were provided by

Although a few of the guys won’t extend their NFL careers for another season, most of these former Alabama football players will continue in the NFL.


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