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An assault by a Union High School assistant football coach on a student during a scrum at Neshannock High School led to criminal charges.

Neshannock Township police filed charges against David Lawrence Thompson, 41, of Warren Avenue on Friday. He is charged with common assault, disorderly conduct and harassment in connection with the incident which was allegedly filmed at Union’s pre-season game at Neshannock on August 20.

According to police, Thompson is shown charging a group of football players directly at the minor and tackling him to the ground. Video shows Thompson hitting or attempting to hit the player while he was down, the police report said. Several other adults and football players forcibly removed Thompson from the player.

As a result of the reported assault, the minor suffered a neck injury, according to a doctor’s diagnosis, police said. He also suffered a scratch to the face. He had received emergency medical treatment.

Police say Thompson intentionally injured the Neshannock player. They filed the charges in court with District Judge Rick Russo.

Thompson reportedly resigned as coach the week after the incident, and police have since reviewed videotapes and interviewed witnesses.

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