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October 20, 2022

Game Day by FantasyPros is where you can see all the fantasy matchups and play-by-play game streams in one place. Get detailed game scores, fantastic stats and more for free.

With the 2022 fantasy football season underway, it’s time to enjoy football again. Whether you have the games on the TV and your fantasy leagues on your computer, tablet, phone, or all of the above; or if you’re on the go and just want to check in quickly, you’ll need a place to keep tabs on the progress of all your matchups.

With Game Day, you can get the latest news for every game – both your fantasy games and every NFL game – everything on one screen.

Game Day is your home for a play-by-play live stream for every game, including every relevant player detail.

You’ll find fantasy leaders by position, detailed projections and scores for each of your fantasy matchups, live game scores and game stats, and up-to-date player statuses before, during and after each match.

See all this and more – completely free.

Pre-match preparations

View all of your fantasy matches in one place with projected win percentage based on current lineups. Each match will be linked to the league host site for an easy and quick overview of your leagues.

As games are played and players accumulate points, your fantasy matches and predicted winning odds will also automatically update.

See projected stats for each player and updated player statuses so you can adjust your rosters with players who might be running out of time.

Match day live

Live during every NFL game, Game Day will automatically show details of all Fantasy-relevant gameplay, including a summary of the game itself, fantasy stats for every player involved, and live game updates.

Customize your view to choose what types of games to show, set a time limit (avoid spoilers if you’re watching live matches!), select your score type for fantasy games calculation, and even filter players who aren’t in your matches.

See summary information for week leaders across each fantasy position. Choose between condensed views to see as many players as possible and detailed views to get full fantasy stat lines.

If you have your synchronized leagues with FantasyPros, leaderboards and stats will automatically show if a player is in one of your matchups – whether they’re on your team, an opponent’s team, or both. Easily keep tabs on how stars are performing in your matches this week.

And find full live game details, including full team stats and Fantasy Points, for every team and player.

Available now – and all season

Match day is available on our website as well as within our mobile app (within the my playbook and Fantastic short stories and scores applications for Apple and Android devices) and is free.

Be sure to check out Game Day, every game day!


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