EFootball Released Today: Konami’s Free-to-Play Soccer Game Now Lowest-Rated Game on Steam


When Konami announced plans to release a free football title, eFootball, as a successor to PES, many were hedging their bets to make it good. One of the main factors that helped rally fans behind eFootball was the hope that the free game and hopefully its success could inspire a change of direction from EA to the free model as opposed to the annual award. full. Release.

Yet at first glance, eFootball didn’t get off to a good start as the game released today, and PC users on Steam didn’t quite appreciate what was in front of them. Right now, eFootball has over 10,000 reviews, of which only 8% are positive, meaning it is now the lowest rated title on Steam.

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EFootball gets off to a rather disastrous start with historically low Steam score

The gamers’ problem with the game is not only with the categorically dated player models or the aesthetics of the PS2 era, but also with its gameplay, which requires a lot of work. Many reviews point to eFootball’s seemingly wacky gameplay and controls, with many controller bindings often being rather confusing and counterintuitive.

Still, all hope is not lost for Konami’s free-to-play experience, as this is a live service game, there is hope for improvement with post-updates. launch, fixes, DLC and much more. But in its current state, it looks like EA and FIFA can comfortably maintain their position at the top of the football simulation genre.

PES, eFootball

While players were aware that some concessions would have to be made due to the free-to-play nature of the game, perhaps a reduction of this magnitude came as a surprise. Konami has a post-launch content roadmap for eFootball, so hopefully they can make a difference in the months to come.

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