Dozens of cars cause traffic ‘chaos’ as football matches all start at once


Dozens of cars caused traffic ‘chaos’ in a housing estate after teams and parents all descended at once for football matches.

A photo from the scene showed a row of vehicles on either side of the road with a poster on Witney Spotted saying the cars were parked on the pavements, blocking driveways and at junctions as they approached Burwell Hall on Sunday.

But with the gaps taken up by cars, drivers had no choice but to pull over to the grassy edges to pass other vehicles or back completely onto the road.

The poster read: “Witney Vikings, you seriously need to have a word with your players’ parents and away team parents about parking! This morning was absolutely awful and downright dangerous.

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“Yes, I understand there is a shortage of land due to not being able to use The Leys, but there needs to be someone who stands out to let people know where they can reasonably park/in safety or matches need to be more staggered due to the large number of vehicles trying to get to the same place at the same time.”

Witney Vikings said they were considering using marshals, but news of The Leys closing did not give them enough time to arrange this.

Witney Vikings chairman Steve Bott said: “We have no choice but to stagger games as there are not enough pitches available on busy weekends.

“But our options are limited. We share Burwell with other adult clubs and they play on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.”

He added: “We are planning to gather, but our volunteers are busy either setting up pitches or coaching.

“And parents need to be available for protective issues such as a bathroom emergency or an injury.

“The short-term closure of The Leys has left us with no time to organize anything,” he said.

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Witney Borough Council currently does not allow crews to use The Leys due to compaction which makes the ground hard and dangerous.

The council has released an update on ongoing rehabilitation work at the site.

A post on the council’s Facebook page showed video of a tractor driving through the ground.

One comment said: ‘As hoped the weather has turned out perfect for reseeding the Leys grounds and run off areas. Once all repair work is complete the area will be cordoned off to discourage access.’

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