Could football matches now be over in less than 60 minutes? Trials to reduce the time should begin soon


New rules are being put in place to make global sports like football more interesting. If reports are to believe that football matches in the future will not be the standard 90 minutes as there are plans to reduce playing time. According to a report by INEWS in the UK, there will be cons -watches that will reduce football matches to 60 minutes, with the clock being stopped whenever there are breaks in the game.

Football matches in 60 minutes: When and how will the trial take place?

According to the published report, trials for 60-minute football matches are set to start next month, with the federation hoping the new rule will reduce wasted time and the Portuguese Football Federation want to introduce a trial at the u23 Revelation Cup. The report further states that the proposals will feature two halves of 30 minutes each, with the clock paused whenever there is a stoppage.

Time will be paused whenever there is a free kick, corner kick, throw-in or other break in play after research found the ball is in play for just under 60 minutes on average in every match in 36 different European leagues. For the trials to go into action, the proposal needs to be approved by the International Football Association Board and this has not been finalized at this time.

According to a Sportsbible report in 2017, the IFAB outlined a number of proposed changes to the rules of the game in a new strategy document titled “Play Fair!”, which included the idea of ​​30-minute halftime. The IFAB document states: “Many people are very frustrated that a typical 90-minute game has less than 60 minutes of effective (real) playing time (EPT), i.e. when the ball is at stake. The strategy proposes measures to reduce the loss of time. and ‘speed up’ the game.”

Football News: FIFA downplays reports of 100 minute football match

Earlier, the news that matches could be extended from 90 minutes to 100 during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar was downplayed by FIFA following multiple media reports that emerged online. According to a report by Corriere Dello Sport, via Football Italia, FIFA were looking to increase match time by 10 minutes, to combat ‘ball in play’ time during matches. Playing an extra 10 minutes should have been approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which decides on rule changes. FIFA has released a statement providing clarification on the matter stating that changes to the duration of football matches will not take place during the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


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