Can Michigan or Iowa football play from behind? Will they need it?


We’re almost certainly the smallest sports podcast that has been around for as long as we have it. But you know what? It’s actually pretty cool that hundreds of people want to listen to our weekly Big Ten chat.

In addition, there is the occasional non-B1G chat.

  • Coastal Carolina finally met a decent team and survived their lifespan
  • Cincinnati and Oklahoma struggled to eliminate weak teams, with Oklahoma looking particularly odd. Is there a more fragile undefeated team?
  • Matt Campbell is back on the coach search enthusiast’s radar after landing an Ok State Top 10
  • Wake Forest disrespects the troops

  • In a way, ACC is incredibly interesting

But more importantly, Big Ten.

  • Is this the week that the Northwest end of the season begins?
  • Who has more to lose in Indiana against Maryland? Could a loss be the first nail in Mike Locksley’s coffin?
  • On paper, Nebraska should beat Purdue, so what route will they take to fabricate a loss to the Boilers? Can Nebraska maintain this level of high performance AND this loss rate? It would be quite the tightrope act.
  • Why Wisconsin’s new risk management strategy may win them over to the West
  • ILLINUTGERS. What can Illinois duplicate from their performance at Happy Valley, and what can’t they duplicate? The fourth downs are going to be weird.
  • Seriously, how the hell did James Franklin get caught napping last week? Will he have answers for Ohio State, and if he does, will Penn State fans be even angrier?
  • Did Michigan State play against anyone?
  • How do you choose a winner in the Paul Bunyan game?


So anyway, our current recording setup is in my carpeted office with two large desks facing each other. My microphone (my trusty old Zoom H2 from around 2005) is in unidirectional mode. Andrew has a Samson Meteor microphone which is unfortunately omnidirectional. My desk doesn’t have soundproofing on the walls, so while we block out the area directly behind Andrew’s mic, it still picks up my voice bouncing off the walls.

Since these two mics are recording on a stereo channel (Audacity can’t record multiple inputs simultaneously, so that’s where I’m limited) I’m wondering if on the virtual control panel I’m using I can set kind of a noise threshold on Andrew’s mic, try to get it as close to that thing as possible and lower the gain.

Oh that I only had a second Zoom mic. I don’t think I can justify the cost when the first one has been so amazing for 16 years now.

Also, we welcome any ideas for new or interesting content or anything you would like us to revisit, but the audio thing bothers me more at the moment. Thanks for listening!

Stay tuned in a few weeks for what will be a special feature live starting Tuesday night. MACtion.

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