4 Questions with Matt Stewart, GPB Sports Football Announcer


3. Which storylines in this season are you most interested in and how do they play out? “Buford will try to become the first program to win a state championship in any classification. But my question is not whether Wolves can win the 7A state title, but instead someone can he stop them from doing it? We could have a Buford state championship game against Grayson in December.

“Langston Hughes is loaded. The state’s top senior recruiting class and a blocked field goal away from beating Buford for the 6A state title last year. I think the Panthers will do it here in 2022.

“And I’m bullish on a bunch of programs that have been propelled to higher ratings because of the GHSA multiplier. I think Woodward, Trinity Christian and Calvary Day will all do well and be contenders in their new ratings.

4. You are on the voting committee for the new Georgia High School Football Hall of Fame. How was this experience? “No. 1, what a great honor to be included in this process. What I take away from the voting process is that we currently have at least 10 years of Hall of Fame worthy talent in our database. Considering the fact that we will continue to add candidates to this database every year, we will fill the Hall of Fame classes here in Georgia for many years to come. I never envision a day when we will run out of quality nominees, and it will always be a challenge to narrow down the talent to a manageable number of inductees.

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